3D origami mushroom tutorial instruction

Video description

This video is a detailed and step by step assembly of pieces mushroom 3D origami. In appearance, the mushroom that collects, like a cep (noble white mushroom).

We will need:

340 white, 6 green (light green), 180 orange triangular pieces (modules).

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

We make stipe: 1st and 2nd rows of 15 white pieces each

overturn and evert, 3rd and 4th row from 15 pieces each

Then make a row of 30 pieces

Make another 5 rows 30 pieces each

11th row: 20 pieces

12th row pieces make long party inside.

Make another 3 rows SHORT party inside (20 pieces each)

stipe ready!

Make pileus: 2 rows of 6 pieces

3rd row: 12 pieces

4th row: also 12 pieces

5th row: 24 pieces

6th, 7th and 8th row: also 24 pieces

9th row: 48 pieces

Of 6 light green (green) pieces do weed - support mushroom

We put on pileus

If possible, all the details of colorless adhesive glue

Now you know how to make 3D origami mushroom of the pieces. If you wish, consider this video master class for the assembly of this mushroom (cep).

Also you can see how to make other 3D origami